Happy New Year!

Well... Happy New Year! What a year 2016 was. We released our first ever album (our self-titled debut EP). We toured the east-coast, from Airlie Beach to Hobart, twice. We made new friends, lots of new friends. We played venues and shows and festivals we haven't played before. We even released our second music video for our latest single, Come Home. And all of this is possible because of your never ending love and support.
A couple of weeks ago we spent four days with some really close friends where we spent our time writing, creating, and demoing some new music. We've spent a lot of time in the studio so far this year, and we hope to spend a lot more, because we are really excited with what is coming out. It's refreshing for us. We've taken what we learnt while recording our debut EP and we're using that knowledge and experience to make better music. We aren't making any promises other than we are making more music and we can't wait to show you all. Hopefully soon. 

In the meantime, stay well!
Big Love,
Rick & Troy xxo