Finally - after three years on and off the road, living out of a van, playing live shows, recording demos, meeting countless amazing people, and frankly, having a merry ol' time - we've finished our first record. It's a six track, self-titled EP which was recorded at The Barn Studio, Plainland, with Steve Robin.  
The EP consists of a bunch of older songs that we wrote when we started writing together a few years ago. Yes, they're old, and yes, we should have recorded and released them two years ago. The good news is that we've arranged them, added new instruments, and produced them how we originally imagined the tracks.
We do owe a big thanks to Steve Robin for his contributions to the songs and his passing of knowledge.
The launch is set to be held on the 24-06-2016 at the Oppys Fruit & Veg car park. We owe a massive thank you the owners of Oppys, Giles, Cassie, Sandra, and Stuart, who have been more generous than Grandma when it comes to dinner.  The night will support other members of our local community, with all proceeds of the event going towards Parkie's Adventures (Parkinson's disease, research). 
We really hope to see you all in two weeks! xx

P.S. The EP launch on the 24th June will also mark the beginning of our Debut EP Release Tour, part#1 (details here). We've decided that there is no other option than to migrate north for the winter. We'll see you all down south when the sun returns.

Rick & Troy xxo