In March this year, after lingering on the idea for some time, we decided to record a single. Naturally, it was the first song we'd written together. We recorded it with great friend and mentor Jarrod Robinson, in our home studio. Soon after we were lucky enough to be offered an opportunity to work with Mitch Kennedy and Red Belly Media to produce our, also first, music video.  
Just recently we've been able to let the film run free in the wild. It was definitely a huge learning experience for all of us, including Mitch, who himself, is quite new to film production. We're so thankful for his efforts and understanding of our thoughts and idea's throughout the process. We couldn't be more satisfied with how it turned out, surpassing all expectations. We're also very grateful that we grew up on a farm where a film like this can be done at will!

So, without any further ado, we present you, Ain't It Funny.
Much Love,
Rick and Troy. x