When we arrived in Tasmania - for me, my second time and Troy's first - the air was crisp, we had no shows booked, very little money, and only a van to sleep in. Having now been and returned from our first tour we wouldn't have wanted it any other way.  When we arrived however, it would have brought a little bit of ease knowing we had at least one show booked... but we didn't. Here began our first priority.

After gradually making our way south towards Hobart, from Devonport, we knocked on venue door after venue door, and eventually booked and played some of the sweetest gigs we've played yet! During our time in Tassie we met a bunch of sweet minded people who were really keen to help us out. We saw some splendid countryside, and most importantly, had the opportunity to immerse ourselves in the tranquility of the wilderness and write music in a whole new way.

We've made sure to shoot photo's along the way, and now comes the time to share that with you. I've put a caption on photo's I think need it and the others can explain themselves. 

We had fun. Now it's your turn! xx